Pleased to Meet You? You Should Be.


Pleased to Meet You is one of my favourite places to head to in the middle of the day for a drink in town. It’s never that quiet (for a place at, say, 2pm on a Wednesday), but you can usually always get a good table. Excellent drinks, brilliant food, proper music, and great place to sit and contemplate the world. Of course, it’s just as excellent at night. Come for the gin, stay for the Martini Lunch (albeit two, not three), get a taxi home at 1AM. Excellent.

I’d like to think that I’m one of PTMY’s longest standing customers, having first visited a few days after they first opened. I have fond memories of that being the last time my friend and I were able to get a seat at the bat without any issues. Yes, PTMY is now perpetually rammed whatever day of the week you visit. Hopefully their new extension – comprising a fancy-looking outdoor terrace, basement colonial cocktail bar, and more – will go some way to alleviating the crush, but you can’t be too harsh on the people of Newcastle for having good taste. Because PTMY is genuinely one of the best cocktail bars in the city – brilliant décor, great staff, good drinks. The selection of gins alone is frankly ridiculous (I maintain that one day I may get through them all), but for those who aren’t such a fan of gin they offer a great selection of other drinks as well; ranging from guest ales to an enviable selection of whiskies and bourbons (any place that stocks Tin Cup is fine by me). Until recently I had a bit of a bugbear with the cocktail list, though I’m a big fan of their new Aviation-ful Spring/Summer menu. If you chaps could only find some way to include an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Sazerac on there for us whisky lovers, it may be perfect. Though I do have to give good marks for the staff, who never seem to have an issue with preparing me an Old Fashioned off the menu.


As mentioned it’s a perpetual haunt for me for lunch, and the food is never anything less than spectacular. Try the jumbo fish and thrice-cooked chips, which really isn’t false advertising, Seriously, it’s like they raided the set of Jaws for those things. Consistently some of the best cooked fish-and-chips in town. Their ribeye steak has also always been a perennial favourite, though there are plenty of good vegetarian options on there too. With Newcastle’s ever-popular Restaurant Week coming around again, it’s not like you even need an excuse for sampling their delicious grub.

Rating: A perfectly-stirred gin martini.

PTMY is easily one of the most popular places in town, so I doubt any of what you just read is news to you. But do them a visit in town if you haven’t already on High Bridge (NE1 1EW), or online (I hear that’s the big thing these days) at or @ptmynewcastle. They take table bookings for food during the week – give them a call on 0191 340 5137.

Pleased to Meet You? You Should Be.

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